One dashboard,
all Office365 insights


When your Office365 suite is down or does not perform as it should, it effects end-users and thus the business. What is wrong? Who is responsible? And how to fix it?

Ymonitor365 provides all insights you need to proactively monitor and manage your Office365 suite. You get 24/7 realtime insight in the performance & availability of your most important Office365 apps from an end-user perspective, while smart alerting triggers action before impact.


I am an Office 365 customer I am a Managed Service Provider


Ymonitor365 provides one dashboard that integrates all relevant information on your Office365 suite. Is it working? Is the performance sufficient? What is the Microsoft Health Status information? When an incident occurs, you can directly determine whether it is in your connection, a Microsoft problem or something else. By folding out the application you can easily see what transaction is failing that directs you to the solution.

What do you get with Ymonitor365?

Complete oversight of the functioning of all parties (own network / MSP / MS)

Realtime measurement of availability, performance and MS Service Health Status

Detailed insight in case of incidents

Benchmark of your Office365 suite against others

Insight in the location of your data

Fast domain determination to bring down MTTI and MTTR

Smart alerting

Functional reports


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