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Measurement is knowledge, isn’t it…?

Does your organisation also experience IT problems? Do you find the IT department, suppliers and staff keep blaming each other, but nobody knows where to find the core of the problem? If so, end-to-end chain monitoring offers a solution.


IT operations Analytics, from rear view mirror to glass globe

Are you looking for ways to make your IT-environment better predictable and manageable? With IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) you will take the next step towards full control of your IT. In this whitepaper we will introduce you to the ITOA-concept.


How to: Automated Performance Testing

In many development processes, performance issues are discovered (to) late, causing (unnecessary) high costs to solve. By continuously testing the performance of an application during the process, just like the functional requirements, possible problems can be identified early and solved cost-effectively. In this whitepaper you will read what the basic conditions are for automated performance testing, how it works and what you get out of it.


How Evolven Blended Analytics is helping transforming IT efficiency and value

Ymor offers an ‘IT Operations Analytics Framework’ including several software products that enable predictive IT-management. One element is the Evolven software that tracks and analyses all changes and configurations in your IT-environment. Based on trend analysis, automatic alerts are triggered when risky changes occur, enabling you to prevent incidents.


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