Prevent damage by validating your application in advance

Applications are subject to changes, and faster releases are becoming increasingly important. Updates, new functionalities, an increase in the number of users or a transition to a different datacentre: these have to take place quickly and faultlessly. By testing your application with Yvalidate, you will know before the modification or going live takes place whether your application is performing as desired.

Testing in a development process
When developing new applications, the focus is often on the desired functionality, and the performance is only mapped out after the fact. This is a shame. After all, a poor going live has a direct influence on the production costs, the satisfaction of the end user and, as a result, the image of your organisation. It is therefore extremely important to test the application early in the development process in terms of the desired load and performance, so that any problems can be identified and resolved at an early stage. Automating these performance tests can be an option, but Ymor can also provide you with an objective performance measurement, on a one-off basis.

New releases of existing applications
Your application supplier suggests an update. How do you know whether this new release will perform just as well – or better – in your IT environment as the previous version did? Each update within an application or change within your own IT environment can have an influence on its performance. By testing what the effect of changes are in your acceptance environment, you and your end users will not be confronted with surprises.

Measurement is knowledge
Within the Yvalidate service, Ymor deploys various tests to validate the performance of your application. Depending on the application requirements, load tests, stress tests and duration tests are deployed, including on a continuous basis. Ymor makes use of its own load generators, sentinels and datacentres for this. In order to provide immediate insight into the cause of any performance issues, performance monitoring takes place simultaneously. This gives you immediate insight into where the possibilities for improvement lie.

What are the benefits?
With Yvalidate, you avoid unnecessarily high investments which you must make when the application displays performance problems in a live environment. By testing the effects of changes, an increase in the number of users or an entire new application in advance, you are guaranteed a successful going live. It accelerates the development and implementation process for new applications and prevents damage to your image. In other words, Yvalidate satisfies your end users and keeps them satisfied.

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