• Ymor founder and CEO Martin van den Berge passes the baton on 7 February 2018 - Jeffrey Braam and Iman Alipour are the new management board. Utrecht, February 2018 – Martin van den Berge, founder of IT performance specialist Ymor, has resigned as CEO since the 1st of January 2018. Van den Berge hands over his work to current management members Jeffrey Braam (COO) and Iman Alipour (CCO). After the 1st… Lees meer
  • Ymor acquires Danish performance specialist Avenida 3 September 2017 - The acquisition results in a market leader position in the field of APM and ITOA software in Northern Europe Utrecht, the Netherlands, September 4th, 2017 Ymor, the leading Dutch-based supplier of innovative Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) solutions, has acquired 100% of Denmark-based Avenida ApS, as part of its internationalization strategy.… Lees meer
  • IT performance QuickScan 14 August 2017 - Have I set up my monitoring correctly? Where are my blind spots? How should I interpret various insights? Am I getting the most out of my monitoring tools? And how good is my IT performance in truth? These are just some of the questions we get from our clients, and of course the answers to… Lees meer
  • Ymor and Application Performance join forces for performance management 13 June 2017 - New partnership results in complete solution for end user monitoring. Utrecht, June 2017 – Performance specialist Ymor and Application Performance (AP) have announced a strategic partnership in the area of Application Performance Management. By combining the synthetic monitoring solution ‘Ymonitor’ of Ymor and the real-user monitoring solution ‘WebTuna’ of AP, companies are provided with a… Lees meer
  • Application Performance and Ymor announce strategic partnership 1 May 2017 - Ymor and Application Performance announced a strategic partnership to help customers get the best possible view into their end user experience. By working together, customers can profit from best of breed synthetic and real-user monitoring solutions. Bringing together Synthetic Monitoring and Real User Monitoring The combination of AP’s WebTuna real user monitoring solution with Ymor’s Ymonitor synthetic monitoring solution… Lees meer
  • Press release: Ymor launches mobile app for performance monitoring 3 November 2016 - Mobile Ymonitor app enables you to act swiftly during performance decreases and disruptions Ymor is expanding its product portfolio by launching a mobile app for performance monitoring. It is based on the Ymonitor end-to-end monitoring software. By means of the mobile availability, organisations can measure, analyse and visualise the performance and availability of applications in… Lees meer
  • 9 steps to a predictable IT environment 3 November 2016 - IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) is the next step after Application Performance Management (APM). With APM, monitoring is carried out to determine whether the availability and performance of applications comply with the applicable standard, while with ITOA the entire IT environment is monitored and analysed. ITOA involves correlating data from as many relevant sources as possible, including business… Lees meer
  • Enexis, transforming to an incident-free IT environment 21 March 2016 - The primary concern of Enexis is to maintain and support the gas and electricity network in the Northern, Eastern and Southern part of Holland. As from 2012 Ymor helps Enexis with optimizing their IT chains and since 2014 a fully integrated IT chain support service is delivered by Ymor and KPN. Enexis’ business processes contain a… Lees meer
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