Early risk detection with change and configuration management from Evolven

According to Gartner, more than 80% of faults in business critical applications are caused by errors in changes, configurations and releases. Ymor sees this happening on a daily basis. When an incident occurs at a customer, the first question is: what has been changed? By accurately and automatically monitoring all changes, you prevent incidents and improve the flexibility, reliability and security of your IT environment.

How does it work?
Change and configuration management shifts the focus from monitoring symptoms to monitoring and analysing changes and configurations. Collectors are used to gather information on changes which have taken place in configuration, data, capacity or code. Context information is also retrieved from data sources such as the CMDB, service desk tooling or deployment tooling. This information is supplemented by the symptoms detected in monitoring tools (such as increasing response times), and correlated with one another using smart analyses. This results in both root-cause information and predictive information: which change led to this incident? Which change forms a potential risk on the basis of past history? Or which change differs from normal behaviour within your IT environment? 

Who is it for?
For the IT department, change and configuration management from Evolven means a shift from ‘putting out fires’ to preventive management. Risks are detected before they have caused problems. If a fault nevertheless occurs, the cause can quickly be ascertained. This makes the software not only interesting for technical administrators, developers and security officers, but IT managers also know exactly who changed what and which impact this had. The software is used both by management departments and DevOps departments to compare environments and validate releases.

For example:
Change and configuration management has been deployed at a major European bank with two clear objectives. The IT department wanted to maximise the availability of all environments and services, while at the same time bringing as many qualitative releases as possible into production. Previously, a great deal of time and manpower was lost in manually checking the right configurations before, during and after each release. With the help of Evolven, validation of environments now takes place in an automated and controlled manner. Manual deployment is no longer needed, errors are prevented and, as a result, the time-to-market reduced. It has also been shown that, if an incident occurs somewhere in the IT environment, this can quickly be traced back to the change which triggered the incidents.

What are the benefits?
In many organisations, it is usual in the case of incidents to put a number of experts together in a room, who then dig through all the operational data, such as monitoring and log files, for each silo. In a complex environment which is continuously changing, this involves searching for a needle in a haystack. Changing configuration management from Evolven makes this a thing of the past. This intelligent software therefore helps monitor the reliability, security and flexibility of your IT environment.

  • 50% reduction of resolution times thanks to a rapid root cause
  • 35% fewer incidents thanks to risk management
  • 25% reduction in the time-to-market for releases
  • 75% less manual work spent auditing activities

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