Monitor your IT using continuous monitoring

Full control of your complete IT environment would appear to be almost impossible. End users complain about slow speeds, the business complains about high IT costs, marketing complaints about damage to the organisation’s image, and meanwhile your suppliers point their fingers at one another. The infrastructure is complex, and the quality of your IT is dependent on dozens of factors.

Ymor has been helping organisations with these complex issues for more than 13 years already. Depending on your objectives and the issues identified, Ymor can deploy various types of monitoring. This can make use of our own software or software from third parties (the Gartner leaders and ‘Cool Vendors’):

  • End user monitoring using Ymonitor: by monitoring your IT chain in production continuously and real-time end-to-end, you get a grip on and gain control of the performance of your chain. You know exactly what an end user is experiencing, when an unavailability occurs or is imminent, and what the trends are. Read more
  • Workstation monitoring using Nexthink: providing real-time insight into what individual users are doing and experiencing at their workstations gives you a grip on divergent behaviour, reduces the number of service tickets and provides rapid cost-saving options. Read more
  • Diagnostic monitoring using Dynatrace: in order to ascertain the cause of performance problems or unavailability, it is possible to investigate where the problem lies, right down to the code level. Good diagnostics can structurally resolve issues. Read more
  • Change & configuration management with Evolven: which change or which setting is causing a fault? By gathering all the available monitoring data and combining them in a smart manner, you can identify risks and prevent incidents. Read more
  • Log monitoring with Splunk: By gathering all the log files on what is happening within your IT environment, a wealth of valuable data is created. Converting this ‘Big Data’ into information enables you to shorten resolution times and optimise processes. Read more
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