About Ymor

Ymor is the authority in the field of IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) in The Netherlands. Using smart software and deploying speciliased knowledge, we are able to improve the IT performance of our customers with 50%. The ambition is to serve 25% of the top-1000 companies in The Netherlands.

Business profile

Ymor was founded in 2003 by Martin van den Berge. Years of innovation, growth and improving the company from the inside led to five ‘FD Gazellen Awards’. This is a prestigeus price for fast growing companies awarded by the leading financial newspaper ‘Financieel Dagblad’. From October 2015 Main Capital acquired a majority interest in the organisation. Under the direction of CEO Martin van den Berge, and with extra knowledge, experience and capital, Ymor now is even better equiped to keep adding more value for our customers.

The daily management is conducted by the management team. Together with 85 passionate employees they make sure the organisation can keep its promises: providing a safe, agile, secured and effective IT-environment for our customers.

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